Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to get Extra Lives and Explore Map for FREE in Juice Cubes

When I play Juice Cubes, I like to win and not get stuck too much on some levels. But this is quite hard with only 5 lives and a big waiting time, unless you want to pay real money for in-game gold bars. Well, I don't want and that's why I discovered how to do a small trick and be able to play continuously.

There is no magic, but a little effort is required from your side on changing the device time. There are some tricks which makes this very easy though.

Read bellow the simple steps:

Start clean

Make sure that your  number of lives is full and you don't have any quests waiting in there, otherwise you risk that you get in trouble having to wait a lot of time or needing to move the clock to much in the future! All future steps are depending on this.

Preparation before playing

When I play this game I prefer setting the time backwards with a few days, like 5-10. This has the advantage that your future events will not be missed and you easily restore your lives within seconds.

Example: today is 8th of January 21:00, I set the date 1st of January 01:00.

Make full lives bar again

So, you played all your lives and you have to wait? No problem ... go to time settings and change in the future with +4 hours and +10 minutes, let's say. If you start the game again your lives are there. Please make sure that you don't do just +1day, it won't work, if you pass the day from 22:00, than set the new time +1 day 02:00 and 10 minutes.

Example: if the time is 17:15 I will set it to 21:25. If the time is 1st of January 22:04, I will set it to 2nd of January 02:14.

Pass the Explore Map

So, you got the Explore Map? A long waiting time or ... go to time settings and change +1 day, +1 minute and + 1 hour, let's say. Start the game and the quest is there.

Example: if the time 1st of January 19:00, I will set it to 2nd of January 20:01.

After you are finished playing

Don't forget after you are finished playing to restore the time of your phone, it is important if you want to get your events and notifications right!

Good luck playing :)

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