Thursday, May 5, 2011

Android Design & Apps


This is my Android layout, I like it so much that I want to share it :). In the followings I will explain how I have done this scenery design and what Apps I am using.

I am using Sony Xperia X10 with 2.1 SDK Android,  the 2.1 SDK should be the minimum requirement.

Firstly, in order to organize your Apps in folders you need Apps Organizer, next, for the background I recommend Zedge, where you can pick from a huge list of pictures. Other widgets on the surface are Mort Player (on top) the 4x1 one with transparency, making it easy to change music from the first page, and Animated Analog Clock with Glass Inner Circular style.

I organized the apps into four categories: Contact, Applications, Games and Tools with Apps Organizer and for each of them I picked an 'intuitive icon from default icons; afterwards  I dragged the Apps Organizer widget on the screen for each label, as you can see on main screen.

In Contact label I keep the 'contacting' applications like facebook, gmail, ... and including Messaging and Phonebook.

It worths mentioning that the star on the folder toggles the display of only stared applications or all of them the category.

Getting to the Applications, I added here ones that can be considered an application, more like non-tool and non-cotact. To get an idea, I have here the Browser, Calculator, Camera, Maps and also nice apps from the market like Flashlight, Google Reader, Google Translate, QuickPic (one of my favorites) ... the blue covered one is also very nice, but ain't on the market yet, so I gotta keep my mouth shut ;)

Moving further with Tools, I have here Advanced Task Manager, Alarm Clock, Apps Organizer (which makes all this possible), Astro ... and Zedge. Regarding the games, they are a lot of good ones on the market, I won't mention any.

All the apps above are free on the Market Place.

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